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Little Pink Shark

"Twisted tongues will place you in their category
Face to face you’ll hear them tell a different story
Loose lips may sink ships, but honesty’s forever
Eyes of envy try to cut and try to sever

Cowards that hide behind their words
Don’t care whose feelings will get hurt
Their eyes are blinded by their rage
Beware the voice without a face

(Covered in cowardice)

Can’t you see them?!

(Covered In Cowardice)

Can’t you hear them?!”

"Trust your instinct like you trust what’s in the mirror"


ill take 12


Therapy by MO-ffie

"A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down."

(via ohlovequotes)


Little French shark
Relies on the strength of Love/hate.
I like reblogging and cute stuff. I like silly things and I like cats. And sharks also because sharks are awesome. Feed me pink and white and macaroons.

I own a skull named Murray, thank you very much.

I am also a groupie and I tend to reblog (quite gay) anime stuff and Doctor Who in between pink clothes and silly memes. I'm sorry. It's important.


Pairings ; FrUk / NetherSpain
MelloNear / LeorioKurapika

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